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The laboratory has an extensive list of publications and research partnerships. Highlighted here are some examples of stable isotope ratio applications conducted in our facilities with a focus on nutrition and energy metabolism studies.

Measurement of Total Body Water

Book Chapter: Schoeller D. Hydrometry, In Human Body Composition, 2nd edition, Heymsfield S, Lohman TG, Wang Z-M, Going S. editors. Human body composition. 2005, Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL.

Scientific paper: Schoeller D.  Changes in total body water with age. Am J Clin Nutr. 1989;50(5 Suppl):1176-81.

Human body composition, 2005.

Measurement of Total Energy Expenditure

IAEA Human Health Series No. 3

Measurement of 13C

Scientific Paper: Schoeller DA, Schneider JF, Solomons NW, Watkins JB, Klein PD. Clinical diagnosis with the stable isotope 13C in CO2 breath tests: methodology and fundamental considerations. J Lab Clin Med. 1977;90:412-21.

Scientific Paper: Schoeller DA. Uses of stable isotopes in the assessment of nutrient status and metabolism. Food Nutr Bull. 2002 Sep;23(3 Suppl):17-20.

Illustrative Image. Source: Wilkinson et al, 2017.

Food Web Analysis

Scientific Paper: Nakamura K, Schoeller DA, Winkler FJ, Schmidt HL. Geographical variations in the carbon isotope composition of the diet and hair in contemporary man. Biomed Mass Spectrom. 1982;9:390-4.

Scientific Paper: Cook CM, Alvig AL, Liu YQ, Schoeller DA. The natural 13C abundance of plasma glucose is a useful biomarker of recent dietary caloric sweetener intake. J Nutr. 2010;140:333-7.

Food Web
Illustrative Image. Source:

Isotope Hydrology

Scientific paper: Horvitz MA, Schoeller DA. Natural abundance deuterium and 18-oxygen effects on the precision of the doubly labeled water method. Am J Physiol 280:E965-E972, 2001.

Hydrological cycle
Illustrative Image. Source: Fischer, 2014. 3rd International Hanns Bruno Geinitz Symposium At: Dresden, 16–18. October 2014. Volume: Geologica Saxonica 60 (2): 299–300.